Rust Basics

You should learn Rust. No really, you should. It's great. I'm totally here on my own free will. Rust is definitely not watching.


  • Followed guided learning experience to get a better grasp of the Rust programming language so that I can make more performant offsec tools that can easily be compiled for various operating systems.

  • Learned the foundations of Rust, including: using Cargo, data-types, error-handling, functions, control flows, etc.

  • Created a single threaded web server to learn the basics of networking, sockets, and requests in the rust language.


Ah, Rust. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. But seriously, I do love Rust and this was a great intro to it. One day, when I'm not so busy, I'll actually go back and rewrite all of my old code in Rust. But, and I gotta say it, for now Python is my mainline for quickly whipping up tooling during engagements and for personal side projects.

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